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We started Yas Queen Papers to bring something new to the world of rolling papers. We want to inspire people to be themselves and embrace their inner oddities. We think if people were less hesitant to show the world who they really are, we would all be living in a much better place. 


#SayYas to life!


Our flagship product is Yas Queen Papers, the Original Queen Size Rolling Paper. Our papers measure 42mm x 87mm, ensuring the perfect size joint every time.


Yas Queen Papers was founded in Boulder, Colorado by people who want to promote and inspire social change. We believe businesses are obligated to give back to their communities and wanted to create something special in order to do just that.

By living our values day in and day out. We are not just putting them up on a wall or in an employee manual. By holding ourselves to incredibly high standards. 




  1. Lift Others Up 

  2. Always Do the Right Thing

  3. Be True to Our Word

  4. Don’t Make Assumptions

  5. Keep Improving

  6. Communicate Openly 

  7. Hold Ourselves Accountable

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